Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wayward Orange?

Wayward Orange is a production company owned and operated by Ian and his team. It was started officially in 2007 and has been in operation ever since. Its content spreads across this site, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

What does Wayward Orange do?

Wayward Orange currently hosts and produces the internet audio comedy “The Spanish Conquistador” and offers much content within that world of characters. His nemesis Professor Gludlum also maintains an advice column on our pages which is open to the public for contribution. We provide news stories about topics which pertain to our site and oversee all formation of our digital world.

Can I contribute content to Wayward Orange?

Absolutely. Please if you do so, contact Ian at contact@waywardorange.com. He will see that it goes through the proper channels and hopefully up onto our pages for the world to see.

What kind of content is Wayward Orange looking for?

Mostly anything that can fit into a webpage presentation. This includes photos, videos, and literature. We can and will handle any and all presentation concepts to enhance the viewing of your work. Mostly our site is presenting humor content, but we are always willing to go in other directions and divide our site for more sections than that. We see presenting your work as an honor and will live up to that for you.

When will more episodes of “The Spanish Conquistador” be made available?

Many more are written and awaiting recording. Currently everything recorded is on the site and we are very proud of what we have accomplished with the series thus far. The future of the show does contain many surprises and we very much appreciate your interest in the show. Ian is working on other projects for the site, but has not forgotten about The Spanish Conquistador. Episodes will be up immediately after these projects are done.

Can I have free stuff?

All requests for free merchandise can be directed to contact@waywardorange.com. Promotional kits are available as well are samplers. Shipping and handling charges may apply.

What other merchandise is available?

We are currently in the process of getting a store for the site and through that T-shirts as well as posters and CDs (with commentary and interviews) may become available. Keep checking back for further updates on this.